Concierge Services for Foreigners

Are you having a hard time finding the right place to live in Japan? Are you having difficulties understanding property-related agreements and contracts in Japanese?

Shinonome can make the process more relaxing by accompanying you when you sign those lease agreements or purchase/sales contracts. We can support you through the entire process of renting, purchasing or selling a property in Japan.

What We Do for You

We explain the customary practices of real estate and property related procedures in Japan.

We explain the contents of the contracts and statement of important matters. We offer English translation as needed.

We provide support for the creation of documents, specifically for foreign customers, such as contracts and statement of important matters. (This service is for real-estate agents.)

We offer representative services at the time of closing, including making arrangements for receiving funds from overseas and reporting to financial institutions. For details, please refer to the following web site:

We can introduce our affiliated licensed tax accountants for consultations regarding real estate related taxation. The following website provides explanations about the Japanese taxation system.

With our great deal of expertise in registration formalities, we can help you register your property in Japan. At the time of deal closing, Shinonome’s shihoshoshi responsibly handles all necessary procedures such as research, verification, explanation and recording. We can create a closing record in English and issue it after closing completion.